Messenger Bags Vs. Backpacks- A Much Needed Accord of Online Bags Shopping in Pakistan

People in this 21st century loves to shop, and as a matter of fact they like to shop smart as well. Which means if a person has a need to buy something, he will look for the easiest option to avail. Online shopping over the past course of time has become a preferable medium for millennial's but even on that they like to invest after knowing every single detail about their purchase. Is it worth it? Do I really have to get it? Does the purpose of me buying the product is money convenient? And of course, the price and feature comparison are always a must.

Whatever the reason of your purchase is, being fully aware of the options and especially about the specifications of the things you’re going to get with your hard-earned money should always be clear and that’s something to be proud of. There is no shame in putting time and efforts on things before actually investing on them. Especially if you’re going for an online backpack shopping spree. Bembel is now becoming a well known name and brand in Online Bags Shopping in Pakistan.

Because when it comes to that, there is a tougher question to conquest before anything else. And yes, that is to figure out whether you’re a backpack guy or a messenger bag kind of a person.  And where you can be utterly confused between choosing or wanting to be one of a man who knows how he likes his carrier to be. But, the truth is you could be in need of help.

To make it clearer for you guys, and to paint the picture like crystal deep, here is a list of encountered concerns about the long-going fight about rather you should have a backpack or a messenger bag.

If it’s All About Them Looks!

First thing first- You need to set the idea straight about your priority. If you’re looking for a pretty thing to hang around your body, carrying your stuff in it. Then a messenger bag is a more superior option than a backpack. Especially, if you’re a boy. Messenger bags look more decent, where as backpacks give an image of somewhat academic proper.

However, on the other hand, entering in a Backpack Pakistan community which in simple words means being a backpack person is not a bad idea at all. Because if not for the looks, it definitely is superb for carrying around the city. Not to forget, comfortable too.

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When it Comes to Space

Well, it is a shocker but the truth is that a messenger bag no matter how stylish and miniature it must look hanging on the side, the space capacity in terms of volume as well is not less than that of a heavy full flash backpack.

Sure, in this department backpack have an ultimate upper hand. Because according to the situation you might need a bag that gives you an impersonation of having great space for your shoes, towel and even for your laptop simultaneously. And backpacks sure do the job of satisfaction. However, as per our experimented report, space in messenger bag is no small.

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Your Laptop’s Best Friend

One of the main reason to invest in a bag is when you want it for your laptop. Because of course, you can’t hang around with a laptop in hand. You need to have it in safe and secure. Because we all know the delicacy of luring an electronic device around.

Well, a backpack generally provides you with a more secure and let’s say bigger passage than a messenger bag. Because a specific trend of laptop bags in Pakistan are not as much prevailed, people just like to shop for a multipurpose one. Sure, with an access of separate laptop sleeve in it.

There is one more thing that needs to be put in consideration when your in for a laptop comfort. The whole contest of travelling with a laptop ease fully. A messenger bag has to be put on one side and provide two things. 1) it’s almost at the front, so you don’t need to worry about it being stung out or something. And 2) because it has to be on one side, you might get a little shoulder pain at the end of the day.

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On the other hand, a backpack will be on both of your shoulders, dividing the heaviness of it. However, most of the backpacks are easy to open while you’re wearing them on your behind, so you need to be careful about that.

After the analysis of each and every above concern, respectively. We’re sure, you’ve now made your mind about your type, of being a backpack person or a messenger swing bag person. And while you might want to look around more for the details, it is definitely not a bad thing to dug in more but the basics must have been made by now.


July 18, 2018 by Aala Rahman


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