For all-day adventures. Come prepared for days of fun that stretch right into night.



For all-day adventures. Come prepared for days of fun that stretch right into night.



For all-day adventures. Come prepared for days of fun that stretch right into night.


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Online Bags Shopping in Pakistan

Bembel is something beyond a brand, it’s the spirit of new experiences. At first glance it is merely an online shopping store which sells bags and backpacks. However, at the core of Bembel lies an ideology of innovation and our product range speaks of just that! If you are looking to Buy Backpacks Online, Bembel is your central destination for Online Bags Shopping in Pakistan!. Our bags are targeted to the people who prefer sporting a stylish yet durable bag and have a happening daily life yet enjoy the occasional outdoor adventure. Bembel is focused towards a youth-centric audience who do not only want the convenience of a bag but also want to look good while doing it! We power this convenience by functioning on a digital, easy to use and fast platform in the shape of our e-commerce store! This store is designed to cater to our customer’s needs whilst broadcasting our creative designs and tough backpacks to them. From pioneering the creative in the Laptop Bags in Pakistan to diversifying the montage of beautiful and handy backpacks online. We have cracked the code of making what you dream about in handiness and in care. Picking a bag is not only a mere case of choice but it has to represent two things. What drill you’re on about Backpacks Online Pakistan, Bembel is providing a platform for it. Our dream, in Bembel is to make such pieces that not only renders the above two but also channels the level of reliability and class at its best! All of this is what makes Bembel the #1 destination for Online Shopping in Pakistan where our customers are guaranteed to leave satisfied. Bembel knows its customer’s choice very well and that is why people always prefer Bembel for their Backpacks Online Shopping in Pakistan

Best Sellers

Bembel is the top online shopping site when it comes to bags and backpacks. That is why we have collected some of our crowd favorites and made a section of Best selling Bags. Over here you can find some of Bembel’s most creative designs and the best quality bags within a price that has proven to satisfy our customers! Don’t believe us? Just check the collection out yourself and buy bags online today!

Backpacks Online

A Backpack Bags are adventurer’s accessories.whether that adventure be as dangerous as going to college or as peaceful as going on a hike in Kashmir, Bembel has you covered for all sorts of occasions. So if you are looking for Backpacks Online but want to stand out from the crowd with a wildly impressive backpack, all you need to do is to come right here at Bembel for the Best Backpacks online!

Giant Backpacks

What good is a backpack if it can’t contain all of your essentials and more? Bembel’s range of Giant bagpacks are an absolute delight for those who travel to the extreme and need to carry heavy hiking equipment. For students, there is no bag more convenient to carry all your books, stationery and art supplies other than those form Bembel. Bembel is serving with thier best cataloge of Online School bags in Pakistan. Bembel is having the wide range for School Bags Shopping in Pakistan.

Hatchet Backpacks

Bembel’s range of hatchet backpacks can surely be your next travel partner! Recommended to trekkers and preferred by those who are wanderlust’s among us, these Hiking hatchet bags are easy to carry around yet these bags can carry around all your travel supplies and much more! So when you are checking out Hatchet Bags Price in Pakistan, make sure Bembel is the first place you land at!

Mini Bags

The cutest collection you can get at Bembel which also gets the job done! We offer the best Online mini bags for kids which will make them look “fire” when hung from their shoulders! These bags are absolutely wonderful to carry around thanks to their compact size whilst also being a useful accessory which can be carried around wherever you please. These mini school bags are certainly not meant for rough travelling nor can they contain heavy equipment but they more than make up for it in style and convenience. The most important thing that is mostly important market of these Backpacks among the young loved one's and Bembel know that how to deal with these cuties. But most importantly Parents have to look on the best and more comfortable for thier Kid's and un doubtly thier destination for Online Mini Bags for Kid's

Outdoor Backpacks

Outdoor backpack or Everyday backpacks are Bembel’s range of bags which can help you tackle all sorts of daily tasks. If you are a photographer who needs to roam about the city along with their camera gear, you might want to look at our range of Outdoor Backpacks. If you are a student who is working at the same time with the requirement to travel around the city a lot then you certainly need a backpack in your life courtesy of Bembel! For everyday use outside your home, we got you covered! Or if you are on a road trip then what you all need is a Hiking Backpack that can easily carry all your stuff you want to put in it.


Looking for Online Bags in Pakistan?Look no further than Bembel, your one stop shop for bags, pouches and backpacks!We have the Best Bags Online a or travel bags for your next holiday, Bembel possesses the power needed to supply the best quality material right at your door step!

Messenger Bags

When it comes to elegance and the personification of a classy lifestyle in a bag, then Bembel’s range of Messenger Bags Online is it! These top class bags are fine as hell and we, along with our customers, know it! Designed especially for the purpose to be a fashion accessory you can be proud of, these compact bags are your solution to something more useful and more stylish than a wallet but more portable than a bag pack! The perfect bag for hangouts and formal occasions! Don’t get it twisted like most do! These bags aren’t just for the ladies among our customers! Our messenger bags for women are graceful whilst our messenger bags for men look just as awesome with our lads!

Laptop Bags

You may have the fanciest laptop among your friends with the most high-tech specifications and the latest features but you can never truly show it off unless you have an aesthetic laptop bag to carry it around. When looking for Laptop Bags in Pakistan you can simply not count out Bembel, the best place to shop online for bags and backpacks. Buy laptop bags online at the best rates and elevate your standard right away!ou may have the fanciest laptop among your friends with the most high-tech specifications and the latest features but you can never truly show it off unless you have an aesthetic laptop bags online in which to carry it around. When looking for Laptop Bags Online Pakistan you can simply not count out Bembel, the best place for Online Bags Shopping in Pakistan .


When we say that we specialize in backpacks, just know that we mean it! Not only do we have some of the most creative designs you can have in the market on the most durable bags you can get from online shopping in Pakistan, but we also have the most diverse variety of these bags. Ranging from laptop bags and school backpacks all the way to small pouches! Our accessories a section includes our fliptop pouch and organizer pouch and other Backpack Accessories. These pouches are designed for one sole reason, convenience. You can take these portable pouches just about anywhere and they can fit wherever you want them to. The fact that they are available in attractive and vibrant colors is just another plus that our customers have grown accustomed to here at Bembel, the top destination for the best store of your Backpacks Shopping in Pakistan!

Organizer Pouch

What is a pouch good for if it can’t help you be a little more organized? Bembel wants to help it loyal customers by producing a product range which can not only help them in their daily life but also send a fashion statement at the same time! So whether it be men’s pouch bag or something fancy for the ladies, our range of Best Organizer Pouches is what you seek!

Fliptop Pouch

A pouch you can use every day and conveniently carry everywhere you go, who doesn’t like that! Our fliptop pouch bag is designed to be a stylish accessory for everyone’s daily lifestyle. These flip top pouches come in attractive saturated colors.



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