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Toys for Kids

As technology evolves at a rapid pace, toys for kids are also evolving and becoming intelligent. Educational games have become solid solutions for ensuring that children have the base they need to face the world. They allow kids solve issues faster and increase their understanding abilities while also increasing their brain functions.

When we say educational toys for kids, we don't mean toys that come with a set of instructions. On the contrary, we are referring to those who provide kids with a space in which they can express their creativity, helping them to discover their imagination and abilities. In this article, you can find the best innovative kid’s learning toys that children of all ages will enjoy playing with. 

1. Magnetic Tiles 

With 22 solid-colored shapes included in these Magnetic Tiles for kids, your child may construct a beautiful masterpiece. To create hundreds of unique crafts, this kit contains a car, door, door frame, arch, hole-punched triangles, and many imagination pieces. Each tile's edge is magnetized, allowing your kid to connect them to create whatever they want. These magnetic tiles will assist children in creating 3D shapes that they choose. Children will be inspired to create their own individual structures after seeing how the magnets connect in different ways. These tiles are also used in classrooms to help students develop their spatial and tactical abilities.


Magnetic Tiles


2. Maze Ball Game 

Do you have what it takes to solve a 3D maze with 80 challenging obstacles? With this Maze Ball Game, you put your talents to the test! Move along the numbered track, flip, twist, and spin this 3D labyrinth ball all around. You won't be able to put this challenging, twisty task down! Keep the ball moving, level up, and master the challenge of this Maze Ball! Furthermore,  this toy for kids increases ability to concentrate, spatial imagination, kinematic imagination, interactive game, and balance control.


Maze Ball Game


3. STEM Toy 

Help your child in coming up with their own creative ideas! Playing with these STEM toys for kids allows them to construct something inspiring and spread fun world they live in. They can create anything they want; their imagination is the limit. This set of Bembel STEM toy promotes problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, creativity, and brain development to children. It is also great for group play, as it encourages people to work together.


4. Glow in the Dark Slime 

Slime is fun to play with for almost everyone, regardless of age, especially if it glows in the dark. Keep your kids occupied all day without them getting bored.  This glow in the dark slime is perfect for indoor or outdoor play for kids ages 3 and up, whether they are boys or girls! This educational toy for kids is great for stress relief, creativity development, and relaxation. Ideal for crafts and school projects, while also boosting your child's creativity.


Glow in the Dark Slime


Toys that promote creativity do more than teach children how to draw, sculpt, or act in a school play. They teach children the ability to experiment and solve problems. Visit our Bembel Toy Store to find the exclusive creative toys for kids of all ages.

July 15, 2021 by Bembel Support


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