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Nirvana – The Crown Jewel of Bembel Bags

Bembel’s Pride

Is Nirvana the Promised Land? Or the pioneers of Grunge music? Well, for us at Bembel, it’s our crown jewel, one of the bestselling bags here and a product that we are truly proud of!

So, for you, who have loved Nirvana so much, here is an in-depth look at your favourite bag:

Crafting Nirvana

Subtlety is the philosophy behind Nirvana. With its dark colours, the bag contrasts most of Bembel’s vibrant backpacks. The challenge lied in creating a bag that used minimal yet dark colours whilst also seamlessly adapting to the Bembel family of backpacks. Who would have guessed that when people are looking for backpacks online in Pakistan, Nirvana and Bembel are their top choice! By looks, this is a basic bag made with polyester fabric with a suede leather bottom that is meant for practicality rather than looks, but, let’s be honest, that’s just being humble!

Crafting Nirvana

Let’s Talk Features

Nirvana isn’t just a pretty face, it packs a punch when it comes to specifications.

  • Useful Pockets in the right places

The brown and black beauty comes with one main compartment, a front stash pocket and a front utility pocket with organizer. The clear-cut division, not just in its specific location but also in size, between each of the pockets, ensures a well-organized setup.

Lets Talk Features

The front organizer pockets are ideal for small objects that you need quickly and often. Anything from your phone’s charger and earphones to a hand sanitizer and sticky notes can be kept and be ready to use in the front stash pocket.

All of the zips in Nirvana have suede leather bottom brown coloured strips attached to them which not only look visually pleasing but also help spot the black zips on Nirvana’s black body. Just like the bag itself, these strips serve a practical purpose and look good doing it!


The main compartment is super spacious, from water bottles and laptops to textbooks and clothes, the Nirvana can carry it all for you. That is why this bag is even useable for small hikes and is especially ideal for photographers and independent filmmakers who require assistance to carry their bags easily.


The straight-cut, padded shoulder straps that come with Nirvana make carrying around even the heaviest of loads a breeze. Not only do they feel comfortable on your shoulders, but they are also durable enough to withstand even the roughest of wear and tear. Don’t believe us, ask hundreds of satisfied customers yourself!

January 25, 2019 by Aim Hike


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