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Bembel Bee – A Giant in Size and Style

#BeBembel with Bembel Bee

We are back with the second episode of Bags Explored and this time it’s bigger than ever before! How come? Because we are doing one of our most popular giant backpacks, the Bembel Bee.

Giant Backpacks

Let’s Dive into the Specs


A Big Boy

Now that’s a good looking backpack! This Polyester giant measure in the dimensions of 43 x 33 x 25 cms with its two large main compartments along with a capacity of a massive 35 liters! It’s big, that’s what that means!

Big Boy Giant Backpacks

Ideal for Professionals and Travelers at the Same Time!

The biggest advantage of the Bembel Bee’s size is that it can be molded according to your needs whether you work at a multinational and need to carry a laptop to work every day or you’re trekking in the forests of Northern Pakistan. Well, it can do double duty! Bembel Bee has water bottle pockets on both sides so that you don’t need to worry about hydrating up. It also has a space for at max a 15.6” laptop, ensuring that most conventional devices fit in comfortably and still with space to spare.

Giant Bags

A Vibrant Soul

Bembel Bee ain’t just a big loader, it’s also big on style! The name and colors of Bembel Bee are inspired by Bembel Bee, one of the most popular characters from the Transformers franchise. The Autobot wears a sporty and bad-ass yellow and black colors. This scheme is of course, further inspired by an actual honey bee. So how appropriate is it that Bembel designs one of its biggest backpacks online in Pakistan in line with the size of a transformer and have it named Bembel Bee! We may have geeked out here a little too much, yikes!

A Giant Backpacks

Practical & Comfortable

Being large for convenience and stylish for looks is important but at the end of the day, you need to be happy and comfortable with your bag. Bembel Bee scores full points in that department as well through several phenomenal features.

A padded divider between the two main compartments to help you organize your belongings efficiently.

To ensure that this giant backpack carries a gigantic amount of weight its fitted with ergonomic shoulder straps with nylon straps beneath to give extra strength whilst still being soft on the shoulder blades.

A front pocket is fitted along with an organizer so that all your tiny gadgets and stationery can be accessed quickly!

Bembel Bee is BEyond comparisons and just unbelievable. Why don’t you try it for yourself and #BeBembel!

January 29, 2019 by Aala Rahman


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