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Quiet Revolution

Socialization , what is it? Is it only defined on the lines when a group of adolescent teens go out in public places and act only to show the world of how great of a life they have, how out-spoken they are? Is that how the evolutionary lines have grown and progressed? Or is it something much more complex and is a process of absorption and not a mass influx of raw, undeveloped idea, the answer is that it is a simple social construct. There does exist a group of people who do not agree with the society’s sense of socialization but rather believe in the taking in and evaluation of thoughts and their construction rather than blurting them out.Rather than immersing in the limited creativity of the world, they create their own infinities. They can be defined as creeping tigers, mending their own visionary grounds but ready to defend their intellectual property. These are the people who defy social constructs, break the boundaries of societies and build new ones, they can be labelled as “silent rebels” as they don’t conform to the norms built but within them they hold an arsenal of bountiful creativity, they appreciate intellect and choose to listen rather than argue. They aren’t instinctive but rather analytical. They are defined as introverts and are anything but “socially awkward”. At times, it seems that extroverts appear to have all the fun, and their gregarious, attention-seeking personalities often allow them to reap popularity and recognition, while the rare to find introverts can get passed over and their price-less intellect can often go un-noticed.

Despite this there are many areas in which introverts have a leg-up on their counterparts. Many of today’s most successful people are introverts, such as J.K. Rowling, Bruno Mars, Steven Spielberg and Mark Zuckerberg. These icons highlight how the introverts’ art speaks for them. The introvert has distinct advantages of extroverts such as not being the rowdy and disruptive on in the crowd but rather be known as low-maintenance. As introverts are fixed on creating their own infinities they have an endless treasure chest of originality and uniqueness while also being a shrewd critics as extroverts are fixed on the fact on how the world views them, introverts however pass judgement how they see it.

December 28, 2017 by Faraz Bembel


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