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Not all who wander are lost
A wanderer is the one who finds solace, in pushing of the boundaries he is confined in, when he connects with no one but everyone by not being afraid to socialize with the traditions, cultures and people the different societies have to offer. They are the ones with ice running in their veins from unknown iced valleys, while their blood boils from the sweltering heat of the deserts. They withhold mysteries of different cultures and their tales of new people can fill up the night skies. They precipitate with adventure and rest with the edge living with them. They were born to challenge their limits by climbing up the snow-capped peaks while also cautiously watching their steps on crouched valleys. They choose to elevate their soul by feeding it the gifts and pleasures the Mother Nature has to offer, they re-connect with themselves by discovering the individuals and their way of lives and cut themselvesfrom the contemporary society. They are always in a state of travel, departing from one location to other, they don’t have a single home, but find the world as their shelter. 
December 28, 2017 by Faraz Bembel


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