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Travel Checklist

Whether it be traveling for leisure or for adventure, there is a certain amount of thought required to ensure that your trip goes smoothly and without hassle. Whether you are roaming the streets of Lahore or trekking on the mountains around Hunza, here's a small checklist to go over every time you decide to step out of your hometown.

Mobile Phones with Power Banks

Being connected to people close to you is important specially if travelling alone in dangerous routes up north. To make sure you are always in touch, keep a fully charged power bank on you whenever you step out to travel or even in any case of emergency.

First Aid Supplies

Injuries, cuts, scrapes might be small issues but slight mismanagement can cause long term issues, especially while on the road. Always make sure to carry a travel bag or a pouch bag containing supplies such as band-aids, antiseptics, sanitizers and for those with special conditions, the adequate medicine for the condition.

Hard Cash/Spare Change

In Pakistan, there's still a long way to go before online transactions can be a norm. Till then, hard cash works nearly everywhere. Be sure to always carry spare change on you in any case as to avoid any unnecessary time wastage specially if you're on a tight schedule.

Water bottles

Often while traveling many forget that being environmentally conscious is their responsibility. Damage done to tourist spots in general is mostly due to the litter left behind. To avoid that, carrying your own water bottle helps. Bembel smart bottles not only keep liquids safe in them, but they also tell the temperature, and are sturdy to carry with. Likewise carrying your own bottle is always a hygienic option when traveling.

Identification Cards

A no-brainer, ID cards should be the first things in your instant travel kits. As certain areas of Pakistan are usually under strict checks, having an ID card can be the difference between being detained.

Small Pocket Knife (Optional)

Specifically for those who are into exploring the great outdoors, a pocket knife might come handier than you can anticipate. During arduous hikes and long trekking trips, a pocket knife can be used not just as a utensil but also as a flint or in extremely necessary cases a weapon too.

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