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Travel Backpack Essential List

Looking to head out as soon as the lockdown ends? Planning a getaway escape or a family retreat? One thing that any avid traveler should keep in mind are the basics needed to carry during any trip. 1 when you end up forgetting something essential like your medicated face wash or your favorite scent! To help you with that, here is a basic checklist as you plan your next trip.

The Bembel travel bag is the ideal partner to carry around, no matter whichever kind of trip you are on. A key point for travellers to keep in mind is weight distribution while packing your bag. Remember, it’s best to travel light!

The next thing on this list is a smart water bottle. Sturdy, insulated and smart enough to tell you the temperature of your liquids. Not only does this bottle look cool, it also comes with many benefits. Many would argue that bottled water would be more reasonable but water does not remain hot or cold in a normal plastic bottle. Likewise, it does pose a harm to the environment at large.

On the lighter side, it always helps to carry an extra smaller bag when on the go. Since travelling comfortably is all about managing according to your destination, there might be instances when you might have to ditch your travel bag. In times like those, carrying a spare string bag is always going to be beneficial. In times of need, the string bag allows you to carry lighter and be more mobile; the perfect accessory to carry around during small treks or on the beach.

For all your tiny, valuable jewellery, with a pouch bag, you can rest at ease. Compact and safe, this is a must have for mainly women.

No trip can be complete without a big fat photo album at the end. Keeping a digital camera can always be an add on, but with the current phone advancements, keep your camera handy. Always carry a spare toothbrush, a pair of flip flops and make sure all your chargers are functional and not damaged. Carry a sanitizer at all times and keep a pack of disposable masks. For those with allergies or any conditions, keep your medicine at hand, along with bandages, spare cash and sunscreen in your pouch bags at all times. 

The list above are practical must haves for travel enthusiasts or even regular travellers. No matter what kind of trip you are on, as long as you’ve got these basics with you, you are bound to have a good time!

May 20, 2021 by Bembel Support


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