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Trooper Blue: The Ultimate Travel Companion

Just a Couple of Troopers

Welcome to the third episode Backpacks Unleashed, let’s talk about the blue beast, Trooper Blue and Trooper-X Blue!

It was so good, we said might as well do two! The Trooper Blue and Trooper-X Blue are large backpacks which do not compromise on their portability or their comfort! The main purpose of both these bags is simple, to be your best friend on all your travels! Whether you are someone who takes the local crowded bus to their university or a hiker heading to their next big trek, this backpack check all the marks for your needs!

Let’s talk about the similarities between one of our best sellers and one of our most beloved backpacks.


  • Both the bags are manufactured out of durable and lightweight crinkle nylon. Since the Trooper is meant to be an everyday travel bag, it needs to be tough enough to face the wear and tear of bustling urban spaces whilst also allowing the owner to commute quickly and easily.
  • The Troopers are water resistant! They aren’t just for urban commuters, they are also for people who don’t mind a little dust, a scratch to the knee and water on their backpacks! Whether you’re an adventure enthusiast or an urban explorer, the Trooper backpacks will be your best mate through all landscapes!
  • Two large main compartments to store all your essentials and then some! When your work requires you to travel ever so often, you need a backpack that is not only easy to carry around but also has the ability to store your entire workstation. Trooper Blue empowers the digital nomad of the future.

TrooperBlue Backpacks

  • Padded sleeves to fit a laptop of up to 15.6 inches. The modern day office is within a CPU, screen and a keyboard!
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps ensure that the owner is comfortable no matter the path of their journey, the elevation of their climb or the weight on their shoulders
  • The fully padded back panel provides another layer of protection to the content within your Trooper Blue.

Trooper Blue laptop Backpacks

  • The front utility pocket exists with an organizer to help you with those handy gadgets that need to be withdrawn at a moment’s notice
  • Both these bags have a capacity of up to 26 liters with dimensions of 45 x 31.5 x 18.5 cm, making it not giant enough to cause you troubles whilst carrying it around nor small enough to give you a congested and messy space within. If you are looking for laptop bags in Pakistan, do consider this bag as well.

Back Trooper Blue Backpacks

The Difference

Essentially speaking, Trooper Blue’s aren’t really different. They have the same vibrant and contrasting color scheme of blue and orange, are made out of the same material and have a similar specification in size and features. The design, however, does change slightly.

Front Trooper Blue Backpacks

Front face Trooper Blue Backpacks

The front design sports the Bembel logo in its own unique way with the Trooper-X Blue sporting prominent and attractive typography for the brand name whilst the simple Trooper Blue has a subtle block on the bottom right side of the bag.

February 12, 2019 by Aim Hike


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