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Nowadays, mostly people wants to get themselves engaged in the outdoor activities. These activities generally include travelling, hiking, tracking etc. based on their choice.Are you one of them who wants to stay on the go? If your answer is”yes” then you are certainly aware of the significance of having proper drinkware that will sate your thirst in a convenient way. Even though there is a broad range of drinkware stuff available in the marketplace, nothing can be more simple and stylish than having a ‘Bembel tumbler’ when you are out and about all the day.

Although tumblers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, Bembel tumblers are specially designed to fulfill all the needs in your personalized way. Its size is optimally chosen to carry it in a convenient way. Its shape is most suitable to have a good grip on your fingers. It comes in a variety of colors to make it even with your style. In short, they are the perfect choice for graceful and elegant life lovers.

Bembel tumbler holding capacity is perfectly designed to cater your thirst need for a short excursion. The fluid holding capacity of the Bembel tumbler is 350 ml. This size is sufficient when you are travelling for short distances like when you are going back home from work, when you are instructed by your mom to bring grocery on the war footing basis or when you are jogging from your home to places nearby. Professional cyclist prefers to have drinkware that does not add to their burden and equally fulfill the thirst to their satisfaction.

This tumbler is suitably designed to hold cold beverages like energy drinks, smoothies or fresh juices and hot drinks like tea or coffee.Bembel tumbler is a vacuum insulated stainless steel container that maintains the fluid temperature inside for a few hours.You are invigorated by the first sip of your cool drink in the hot and humid environments when you are out on the go. Similarly, it feels nice in dank weather when you are on your way to your destination and holding a warm drink in your hands that keeps yourself energized. You don’t have to worry as the thermal insulation of the tumbler keeps the drink at the same temperature for more than six hours. Try having an experience with Bembel tumbler on a long drive in a city and you will definitely relish it.

Bembel tumblers have a matte, minimalist design with a simple shape and modern colors.Theycome in six beautiful colors. The colors include grey, black, teal, red and white.


The body material is high-class stainless steel SS304 and SS201. The dimensions of this stainless steel drink cup are 7 x 17 centimeters. The diameter of the tumbler is ergonomically chosen to have a good grip at your palms when this cup is busy serving you at your need. This drinkware is long-lasting and its durability will not let it break or damaged if it gets slipped from your hands. The material is also resistant to direct sunlight and its quality powder coat will not fade away easily unless roughly handled.Just avoid exposing it with very high temperature or cleaning with low-quality detergents.

The additive advantage of Bembel drinkware over plain stainless steel cups is that its color coat will also prevent the tumbler exterior to get uncomfortably hot to touch when exposed to sun.

Additionally, one of the vital quality of this portable Bembel drink cup is its leak free design. You ought not to worry about dripping liquor on your documents when you put your tumbler in your backpack or a messenger bag. You may have experienced this nasty situation where the leaky bottle in your bag wets your important papers and cash. The situation is more frightening if you have electronics in the bag. With this insulated Bembel drinkware, you certainly won’t have to fear.


You can place the Bembel tumbler in your dishwasher. It is a dishwasher safe to go drinkware.  Portable drinkware or tumblers are the items that we use on a regular basis, and naturally you feel more convenient at the end of the day if you can just simply place them in the dishwasher with other dishes.You do not have to rub your hands and clean it vigorously after placing a sticky beverage in your mug.

Not to mention, we can expressively help reduce the number of plastic cups or mug ending up in garbage yards and landfill sites. The manufacturing of plastic utensils involves polluting production process and they biodegrade at a very gradual rate. By using eco- friendly Bembel drinkware we can personally move forward to reduce the carbon footprints of the world.

August 11, 2020 by Abdul Wahab


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