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Choosing the right backpack for a tour is equally important as finalizing your travel destinations. Before your leave, you make sure that you have fulfilled all the pre-requisites of the travel. If you plan to go solo, you have to check your travel tickets and important documents, the amount of money you have planned to spend, ensure that you have made the correct reservations for your sojourn and your personal essentialities. You ought to miss one important and the compulsory thing for the travel and which is selecting the right backpack most suitable to your needs.

One must not forget to select the right travel backpack as it plays the role in the same way as does your other necessities of travel. Seasoned travellers take pride in their choice of a perfect travel pack.

If you want to fly through airports, navigate cities, and roll through your explorations with comfort, then a Uniker backpack is the right choice for you. They are specially designed to fit for your travelling and adventurism needs. Furthermore, Uniker backpacks can also be useful for school going kids and college students.

Uniker trolley backpacks come in five different variants. Each variant has five different colours. These variants differ from each other in design, backpack sizes, and wheel size. Let’s have a glimpse to each of the variant:

1.  The Rover


Rover is specially designed for the manoeuvrability for those who want to wander in the countryside and outskirts. Its 18 cm wheels will easily roll on the rugged, mountainous and rocky terrain. Places like Gorakh hill station, Naran and Kaghan valley, lake Saiful Mulook etc are a perfect match to carry a Rover with you.

In addition to its adventuristic qualities, the cloth material is high-class 600D polyester printing fabric which is good

water-resistant. If you caught up in a torrential downpour or heavy monsoon, the stuff inside the bag will never be soaked in rain. Apart from the smooth, adjustable, 102 cm extendable easy grip handle and sturdy wheel system, the backpack has multiple compartments and it has enough space to easily accommodate for a week travel. Its side bottle holder makes it complete for the adventurer. It weighs 2.7 Kilo and dimensions are 48*32*23cm.In terms of capacity, Rover is the largest trolley among all the variants of Uniker trolley backpacks.

2.  The Majestic Trolley

The Majestic trolley is one of the unique and high demands Unikertrolley backpack. This is due to its unique print which comes in diverse colourful shades. Majestic is also different because of its universal wheel design. All the variants of Uniker trolley packs have a two-wheel rolling system with Majestic being an exception as it consists of four wheels.

 The four-wheel system is mostly useful in walking through even surfaces and levelled corridors or streets. This 19 inches capacity trolley is most famous among students and they typically prefer this variant due to its easy rolling capability and sleek design. The fabric material is the same as that of Rover and the books inside the will remain dry in rain. Because if its comfy shoulder straps, either you can roll it or carry it on your back, it’s your choice of comfort. It is 53*33*21cm wide and weighs 2.2 Kilos. You can simply place laptops, books, headphones etc. in Majestic. The length of the trolley handle extends 100 cm and can be easily adjusted with your height

3.  The Ether

Ether is a simplistic colourful design. It is common among students as well as travellers. In terms of capacity, ether is slightly smaller than the majestic, however, it serves the same purpose. It has 18 inches nominal capacity and extends 46*32*20cm. As depicted in the picture, it comes with adjustable shoulder straps and wheels. It is made up of waterproof lightweight nylon polyester 600D. Due to its overall lightweight material and aluminium frame, its net weight is 2.1 kilos and people cannot feel much difference to carry it on the back or to roll it on the surface. The smooth and durable wheels of the bag guarantee the calmness you will feel while you are on the go. As similar to the variants, its trolley handle system is 100 cm long and can be adjusted smoothly at your comfortable arms level.

4. The Lagoon

As the composure and calmness of colour and design depict from the image, the user of the Lagoon will experience the same feeling. The dimensions of the lagoon are 46*31*18cm and its capacity is the same as that of the ether that is 18 inches. The Lagoon is equally renowned among students especially the primary school going  kids for its attractive design. The added advantage is that it is lighter than the Ether and weighs only 1.9 kilos. Primary school children can benefit from its size, multiple pockets and thin weight. The cloth material is the same as others and the easy-grip handle is extendable to 100 cm long. Students can carry it on their back or roll it in the school corridors. The wheel is specially designed to overcome irksome stony noise while rolling.

5. The Breeze

Breeze is the shortest and the lightest of all the Uniker variants. Its charming print and gentle design appeal to everyone. Its dimension is 42*31*20cm and capacity is 17 inches. It is designed for a short day trip and it can also be used by school kids. Primary class kids are mostly concerned with their choice of school bag. To my opinion, Breeze is the perfect answer to their concern.Children will never feel discomfort to carry this trolley backpack. It weighs about 1.9 kilos and the length of the trolley is extendable up to 85 cm long which is quite right to match the children needs. The fabric material is similar to that of other Uniker bags and it is also provided with the hanging strips. The wheel is designed in such a way that it will generate minimum noise even at the rough surface.

Most of us make a common mistake by borrowing a bag from someone and then ends up with horrendous experience on a pleasant journey on petty things. Picking a too-big backpack would certainly bring you placement problem on adjusting in a limited space. If you travel by aeroplane, your big pack will certainly face issue in fitting inside the baggage window plus how you will feel to carry a bulky absurd load stressing the entire weight to your clavicle and backbone while strolling on the streets of Venice. Too small a bag and your stuff will expel out or forcefully unlatch the zip lock. This is a nightmare for a solo traveller. Then which of these trolley backpacks would you like to experience?


July 28, 2020 by Abdul Wahab


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