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Smart oversight to one of our unique product:

In the midst of the summer solstice when the earth is at its zenith aphelion, it is very essential for us to keep ourselves fully hydrated and maintain the body electrolyte balance.  This is not a difficult job. When we are at home or offices, we do feel necessary and easy to fill up our bodies with these nutrients.

However, the hard part comes when we are on the go. As we open the car’s side windows, the humid and hot blow of tantalizing air along with our salted sweat makes us more exasperate when we find the chilled water container that we took as we left for the destination turned into boiling hot water bottle. Thirst is not sparing you for once. Bembel smart bottle is good hope for you in this fiery situation.

Bembel smart bottle is a thermally insulated bottle. You can use it for cold as well as hot beverages. Its 500 ml container holding capacity is sufficient for a short tour or travel. Whether you are a sportsman, businessman or a workman, this smart bottle is a good companion for staying watery and quenching thirst to your satisfaction.

It is an environment-friendly bottle which is made up of high-quality stainless steel with tight vacuum insulation around the internal periphery. With the digital temperature display on the cover, you can keep track of the liquid temperature inside the bottle. I personally believe this is one of the major property which makes it most distinguishable. The temperature sensor is firmly placed inside the cover with an adequate battery life(see attached image 1).




The quality material of this smart bottle guarantees that this bottle will give you at least twelve hours of temperature containment. You can get to know the temperature of the liquid by delicately tapping the glass cover at the top. If you store the drink at 10 degree Celsius inside the bottle than after six to eight hours the temperature rise would be very insignificant keeping in view the current ambient conditions. Similarly,you can also use it to keep hot fluids such as tea, hot milk or coffee. In winter you will be pleased to make yourself feel warm in your journey even after storing it for

longer duration. The battery sensor allows you approximately 80,000 taps in its lifetime. It depends on how carefully you use it as you already cognize that ‘a watched horse never bolts

To some people colours play an integral part in their life. Colours matters to those who sought a colourful and embellish lifestyle. Therefore, being Bembel, we know their true importance and we meticulously scrutinize the most demanding and captivating colours of life during the design phase of the colours selection process. The Bembel smart bottle comes in seven appealingly different colours.

The colours include matte black, metallic blue, matte aqua, matte pearl white, silver, matte red and matte rose. Light and soft colours are generally selected by those who seekpacific gestures. Similarly, bright colours depict emboldened and conspicuous looks.

Nonetheless,they are equally smart and the choice is yours.The quality of colours is uncompromised. These colours will not fade or fall apart even at extreme weather conditions as Pakistanis face in the year midst.

Bembel smart bottle is easy to handle. It is light weight and is comfortable to carry it anywhere. Especially for students, they can carry this bottle in their backpack bottle holders very easily. Cold water is not abundantly available everywhere and the students are bound to consume warm water from the available dispenser at a public place or purchase the chilled plastic bottle.

Bembel Smart Bottle is specially designed to sustain rough handling however the more gentle the better it is. It can also be used by those who frequently workout, perform hiking, do cycling or loves sports activities for physical fitness. This smart bottle is equally beneficial for office use either in a formal as well as casual working environments.

Working women can carry this bottle with ease in their portable handbags. All in all, Bembel smart bottle is a complete design to cater to the needs for the targeted niche of the society.

Not to mention, we can expressively help diminish the amount of plastic bottles ending up in dumping yards and landfill sites. The manufacturing of plastic bottles involves polluting production process and they biodegrade at a very gradual rate. By using eco- friendly Bembel bottle we can greatly move forward at a personal level to reduce the carbon footprints of the world.

In addition to that, plastic bottles are not good for our health. At higher temperature environments, plastic bottles tend to leach hazardous chemicals into the fluid leaving us at mercy to the adverse impacts to our body. Bembel smart bottle is stainless steel bottle which will last you for years of usage without threatening to your health in economical price.

July 14, 2020 by Abdul Wahab


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